New lawns can quickly deliver attractive results and will help to transform your garden. Whether your existing lawns are beyond repair and need replacing, or your garden is crying out for a redesign, we can help you.

Best laid in autumn and certainly between autumn and spring, a lawn can be a special feature of your outside space. New lawns are visually pleasing features but can also fulfil a variety of purposes beyond improving the aesthetics of your garden.

Using our experience and expertise, we can prepare your land appropriately and choose suitable turf for your soil, location and intended use. Certain areas of your garden such as shady spaces may require careful consideration. We could lay utility grass, fine turf or wildflower turf to suit your aspirations for your outside space and achieve impressive results.

Replacing an existing lawn

Sadly, lawns don’t last forever. There are times when starting again is the easier and more cost effective option. We may be able to bring a problematic lawn back to life. But it might not prove possible to rescue your lawn. Here are the issues that could mean a new lawn is the best solution:

  • Your lawn is very thin, and you can see the soil underneath
  • Your lawn is mainly weeds
  • The lawn is failing due to poor soil quality
  • You have experienced a grub infestation
  • Your lawn features a high volume of thatch
  • Pets and/or children have caused extensive damage
  • Your lawn contains weed grasses
  • The land is prone to waterlogging
  • Your lawn is uneven

Planning new lawns for your garden

Perhaps you are considering a partial or complete redesign of your garden. We offer garden design services and can incorporate lawned areas into landscaping schemes.

No two gardens are the same and so we will consider and address all relevant factors when planning a garden that is to feature a lawn. It is often possible to lay a lawn even if your outside space presents the following challenges:

  • Slopes – steep slopes are difficult to mow and may dry very quickly. The lower portion of sloped lawns can become waterlogged. We will address drainage issues and create edges that make mowing easier should you wish to retain your slope. Alternatively, we can terrace your land to create level lawned areas.
  • Drainage – your land may suffer from poor drainage, or you may wish to include features such as patios and drives that will drain onto your lawn. We can install a free draining base layer for your lawn and soak-aways adjacent to your paved areas to prevent waterlogging.
  • Troublesome edges – lawn edges that are adjacent to hard surfaces can present challenges. We will ensure that lawns boast appropriate soil depth, and we can install thermal barriers between grassed and paved areas to prevent paving that has been heated by the sun from prematurely drying grass roots.

There are additional factors to consider when designing lawned areas. While freeform shapes and divided lawns create interest and can bring balance to your garden, they can make lawn maintenance more difficult.

Lawns with straight edges or gentle curves are the easiest to mow. Obstructions such as central beds, bird baths, trees and ponds give you additional edges to deal with and ensure that it is both slower and harder to mow your lawn. We will consider the level of maintenance you can cope with when designing your new lawns.

Narrow entry points to lawns including steps and pathways will concentrate foot traffic in those areas and cause uneven wear. It’s best to keep access points as wide and numerous as possible.

Preparing for new lawns

Before taking delivery of any turf, we will properly prepare your land. Good soil preparation is vital to establishing a successful lawn. Our process includes the following steps:

  • Soil testing
  • Removal of perennial weeds or installation of a suitable membrane
  • Rotovating the soil
  • Adding compost or suitable organic matter to the soil as this will promote growth and hold moisture.
  • Leaving the ground to settle
  • Removal of any new weeds
  • Firming and levelling of the surface
  • Raking in of fertiliser
  • Laying turf

Successful lawns with Kennedy Landscapes

The laying of lawns can be comparatively straightforward. But only if you benefit from plenty of spare time together with level, fertile, and well drained ground with no weed issues, no obstructions and only limited paved areas. For everyone else, there’s Kennedy Landscapes!

Where do you start?

Call Kennedy Landscapes today! We would be delighted to discuss your plans for your garden patio and to provide a free quotation.

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Together, your vision and our design skills will deliver the perfect patio!

Outstanding workmanship, Scott and his team have done an excellent job of the entire project and we look foward to enjoying the garden for years to come. Many Thanks....Paddy


Scott and his team were excellent. They came up with a solution to stop our garden eroding. It was a big project that involved construction and landscaping.

Kirsty O’Donnell

Scott Kennedy and team have transformed our space into a garden that suits my needs and I am very pleased with my new easy-care garden, completed professionally and with excellent service.

Priscilla Backhouse

What can I say about Scott and his team we had artificial grass down on the back garden they work really hard and I must say it looks very good very pleased I would definitely use them again

Peter Williamson

Scott and his team completely transformed our garden from an unusable space to an oasis.

Helena Riste

Scott and his guys transformed the entrance to my house. Installed a bespoke pathway and were helpful and friendly all the time. I would highly recommend their services. Real quality

Dan Small

So pleased with my garden which was designed and landscaped by Kennedy Landscapes & Gardens. Scott and team worked through the worst of the weather, always professional and leaving everything tidy at the end of the day and at the end of the job.

Liz Ansloos

Scott and his team completely transformed my garden, they were very professional and arrived on time each day. They were always so polite and cheerful, I would absolutely recommend them, they did an excellent job.

Jackie Brooman