Your outside space is an important feature of your property. The perfect garden patios will certainly enhance both your lifestyle and the aesthetics of your garden. It could also increase the value of your home. Better still, it is possible to create a stunning focal point for your garden using carefully chosen materials, shapes and contrasting textures. At Kennedy Landscapes, we can design and build a beautiful yet practical patio. One that makes the best use of the available space while complementing your property and fitting seamlessly into your garden.

Bespoke garden patio designs

A patio doesn’t need to be an unimaginative rectangle of uninteresting paving located immediately outside your back door. No two gardens are the same and no two garden patios should be the same either!

We will work with you to evolve the right location, shape and size for your garden patio design together with the ideal materials and finishing touches. We can realise your vision for your garden patios or use our design skills to create something that you may never have dreamed of.

There is much to think about if your garden is to boast the perfect patio and pathway and we will help you every step of the way.

Advice & Frequently Asked Questions

Where should your garden patio be positioned?

It can be convenient to locate your patio next to your house as this can make life easier when carrying food and refreshments to and from your seating area. However, garden patios adjoining the house aren’t necessarily the best option.

Locating your patio outside your back door may not give you the best views, the greatest privacy or enable you to make the most of the sunshine. It could be that your garden patios would be best positioned elsewhere. We can design a garden layout that gives you easy access to your patio, wherever it is located, and we could incorporate storage that will enable you keep everything you need close at hand.

You might feel that there are certain areas of your garden where it would not be possible to position your garden patio. But if your land is awkwardly shaped or sloping, we can work with that! Perhaps a sunken garden patio design area would suit your garden or we could landscape a sloping area to accommodate the features you need.

Patios located next to ponds can be tranquil and very relaxing and a great way to add something special to you're outdoor space.

What is the purpose of your garden patio?

Will you be using your patio area simply for lounging or are you looking forward to al fresco dining? Would you like to entertain outdoors and if so, how many guests might you welcome to your home? It’s important to think about the furniture you need to accommodate on our garden patio as, space permitting, this will dictate the size of the patio that would work well for you.

If you are looking to entertain outdoors, we can create the most flexible space by not enclosing your patio with walls, borders or raised beds. This will enable your guests to move around freely and to spill out onto surrounding areas.

What are the safety and practical considerations?

Your beautiful gradin patio design won’t enhance the value of your home or improve your lifestyle unless it is safe to use. It’s vital that you cannot fall from raised garden patios and that neither you nor your guests are likely to trip or slip.

Drainage is always a consideration too, particularly if the paved area is large or your land is prone to waterlogging.

Your garden patio designs will require lighting and possibly heating. This could mean that you need a power supply to the area.

You might wish to incorporate an awning to provide shade or to keep things dry in rainy weather. Maybe a pergola would perfectly complete your outside space.

We will ensure that we design and construct a safe, well-drained garden patio, located in an area that boasts all the practical features you need.


Is one garden patio enough?

Immoveable features such as large trees and outbuildings can restrict the size of any paved areas and many gardens are narrow, limiting the potential width of a patio. While it might be convenient to locate your outside dining area close to your house, you might need a lounge area elsewhere to make the most of the afternoon sunshine. There are many reasons why it could be worth thinking about having two garden patios instead of just one and the pathway options to connect the two patios.

What about shape and form of your garden patios?

What would be the best shape for your patio? Well, that will depend on the size of your garden and whether you would like us to redesign and landsacpe the entire area or work with what you’ve got.

Square and rectangular garden patio designs can be the best option in smaller gardens as they represent the most efficient use of space. Their harsh lines can be softened by curved borders or by allowing plants to tumble over the paved area.

If you benefit from a larger garden, circular garden patios or gently curving areas can look amazing. Multiple garden patios may be linked by pathways, and we can achieve garden patio designs that act as focal points or that draw the eye around your outside space. Patios can be utilised to divert attention away from less attractive features of your garden or to balance an awkwardly shaped garden.

We will design garden patios that make the most of what you have, minimise any negative aspects of your garden and compensate for what you don’t have.

How can you use colour and texture?

Sometimes the practicalities and technicalities of building a patio can seem simple in comparison to choosing the right paving to complement your house and garden! The materials you choose will significantly impact the appearance of your patio and we can help you to make the best choices.

Limestone and sandstone patios


These days, you benefit from a raft of exciting options that will lend colour, interest and texture to your outside space. Sandstone patios can be porcelain, concrete, a variety of sandstones, limestone, slate, granite and brick are just some of the materials that could be incorporated into your garden patio area. Diverse colours provide the potential for incredible looks while the use of contrasting shades can produce stunning aesthetics.

Where do you start?

Call Kennedy Landscapes today! We would be delighted to discuss your plans for your garden patio and to provide a free quotation.

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Together, your vision and our design skills will deliver the perfect patio!

Outstanding workmanship, Scott and his team have done an excellent job of the entire project and we look foward to enjoying the garden for years to come. Many Thanks....Paddy


Scott and his team were excellent. They came up with a solution to stop our garden eroding. It was a big project that involved construction and landscaping.

Kirsty O’Donnell

Scott Kennedy and team have transformed our space into a garden that suits my needs and I am very pleased with my new easy-care garden, completed professionally and with excellent service.

Priscilla Backhouse

What can I say about Scott and his team we had artificial grass down on the back garden they work really hard and I must say it looks very good very pleased I would definitely use them again

Peter Williamson

Scott and his team completely transformed our garden from an unusable space to an oasis.

Helena Riste

Scott and his guys transformed the entrance to my house. Installed a bespoke pathway and were helpful and friendly all the time. I would highly recommend their services. Real quality

Dan Small

So pleased with my garden which was designed and landscaped by Kennedy Landscapes & Gardens. Scott and team worked through the worst of the weather, always professional and leaving everything tidy at the end of the day and at the end of the job.

Liz Ansloos

Scott and his team completely transformed my garden, they were very professional and arrived on time each day. They were always so polite and cheerful, I would absolutely recommend them, they did an excellent job.

Jackie Brooman