Your garden fence installation could be one of the principal features of your garden and so it is important to get it right. But that isn’t easy with so many aspects of your fencing to consider including purpose, style, height, maintenance, security and the impact on your neighbours.

We will help you to choose fencing that fulfils its intended purpose while also enhancing the look your outside space. Our garden fence installation service is second to none and will ensure that you are delighted with your secure, robust, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing results.

What should you consider when planning your garden fencing?

What are the primary purposes of your fences?

Garden fences can fulfil a variety of purposes beyond marking the boundaries of your property. It is important to decide which of these purposes your fence must fulfil, and which are your priorities:

    • Privacy – do you value your privacy or are you happy to afford neighbours and passers by a view of your garden? A high, closed board fence will provide greater privacy than a low or slatted fence. Stepped fencing will give you privacy where you need it but will deliver improved light where you don’t.
    • Security – would you appreciate, or do you need greater protection from intruders? If so, you will require a fence with an exterior that isn’t climbable.
    • Containment – do you need to confine children to the garden or to prevent dogs from escaping? High, closed board fencing will prevent youngsters and doggies from leaving the garden.
    • Preserving your view – if your property is adjacent to open countryside, a pretty river or parkland, you may wish to preserve the view. Lower fences and/or slatted fences are great options if your view is more important than containment or security.
    • Restricting your view – maybe your home is adjacent to a commercial building or busy road that you would rather not see. A higher fence and clever planting can give you an altogether better view.
    • Wind protection – if your garden patio features a  seating area, higher fencing will protect it from the wind. However, if your fencing will be exposed to severe gusts, lower fences or slatted styles that allow wind to pass through them will be less likely to be damaged or blown down.
    • Preserving light - while security and privacy are important considerations, high fencing can impact the light in both your garden and your home. Slatted fencing installed over a low level garden wall can look great and low fences allow more light to reach your garden.
    • Maintenance – if you lead a busy life and wish to keep maintenance to a minimum, composite fencing could be the perfect solution.
    • Conservation area – if you live in a conservation area your choices will be restricted. It is important to check what you can and can’t do before choosing your fencing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fences are available?

Solid fences with no spacing between the panels or the slats provide greater privacy and security. They can also reduce the impact of traffic noise. Slatted panels reduce privacy and security but may be more aesthetically pleasing and allow light to brighten your space.

Wooden fencing will need regular maintenance to prolong its life. Fencing with light-coloured painted finishes such as white picket fencing will require regular cleaning to maintain its stylish look. Composite fencing is made from a mixture of real wood and plastics. It gives you a natural look but requires minimal maintenance and boasts an impressive lifespan.

Fencing around the perimeter of your pond needs extra consideration and there are a variety of creating solutions depending on the style of pond you have.


What height should your fences be?

In the UK, if you wish to erect a fence that is higher than 2 metres or a fence that will be higher than 1 metre and next to a highway, you will need to apply for planning permission. The various local authorities will have different restrictions regarding fencing and so it is advisable to check what you are permitted to do before thinking about what type of fencing you would like.

You should also think about the impact of your fencing on your neighbours espacially if it is seperating your driveways. It’s always worth talking to them about your plans and trying to reach an agreement about height and style. It’s easy to overlook aspects of your fencing that work well for you and your property but that don’t work so well for those around you. It’s never a good idea to fall out with your neighbours or your local planning officer.

Why choose Kennedy Landscapes?

Looking for garden fence installers near me? We can use our knowledge and experience to help you make the best choices, whether you require a simple boundary fence or you wish to incorporate fencing into a complete makeover of your outside space. Our skilled installers will then ensure that your fencing is properly constructed, secure and long-lasting.

We would be delighted to provide a free quotation for your garden fence installation or any garden project including landscape design, planting, patios, walls, driveways, lawns, decking, artificial grass and ponds.

Where do you start?

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