Planting plays a crucial role in creating a visually appealing yet functional outdoor space. The right plants will soften the landscape but will also bring structure to your garden and could even improve the security of your home.

Whether you wish to treat your garden to a makeover or to establish a completely new garden, we have the expertise to assist you in realising your vision. We will evolve planting schemes that will lend beauty, character, colour, texture and interest to your property.

We will consider the nature of your soil and drainage, the climate and the aesthetics you seek to ensure that our garden planting services deliver outstanding results. By featuring the right plants and combining them harmoniously, we can create a variety of moods, styles and themes for your outside spaces.

You can benefit from a living landscape that inspires throughout the year and that transforms the way you view your garden.

Gardens large and small

Whatever the proportions of your outside space, we can bring every corner of it to life through our garden planting services.

Even balconies, yards and terraces can be transformed with the addition of pots and planters. Substantial gardens could be unified or planted to boast areas defined by hard landscaping like garden patios that showcase different colours and themes.

Through harmony or contrasts, simplicity or complexity, we can create year round interest and a balanced feel for your garden.

Transform your garden with Kennedy Landscapes

Regardless of the scope of your planting needs, we would love to help you to transform your garden or gardens. We would be happy to undertake any planting project from a simple makeover of existing shrubbery to a complete replanting of your outside space. Our garden planting services include:

  • Initial consultation to discuss your ideas
  • Site survey to assess aspect, soil type and spaces
  • Plant recommendations
  • Estimate of costings
  • Schedule of works
  • Preparation of planting areas
  • Supply, delivery and planting of plants and trees

Features and focal points

We will consider every area of your garden including any ponds and your aspirations when evolving a planting scheme. We are happy to work with and improve what you already have or to establish a blank canvas before planting a new area with appropriate species for your location, soil and aspect.

Through architectural planting and the use of bold structural forms, large shrubs or trees, we can create features and focal points that draw the eye around the garden or conceal unsightly views. Indeed, the right planting will replace an unsightly view with a stunning vista.

Plants, shrubs and trees will be chosen from reliable sources and a planting scheme may include:

  • Garden borders
  • Raised beds
  • Pots and planters
  • Climbers
  • Hedging
  • Hanging baskets
  • Seeding and bulbs
  • Feature shrubs and tress
  • Shrub bed renovation

Wildlife gardens

Why not plant your garden to promote biodiversity? A wide variety of insects, invertebrates, birds, mammals and amphibians can be found in gardens. You can help wildlife to prosper and ensure that your garden supports threatened species. Planting to attract wildlife will enable you to enjoy the wonderful creatures that visit.

There are 22,400 species of insects in the UK and very few of these are garden pests. Many are predators of pest species or important pollinators that won’t have any negative impact on your garden.

We can incorporate plants, including native species, that attract butterflies, bees, birds and wildlife to your garden. It is possible to create an urban, suburban or semi-rural oasis that will truly breathe life into your outside space.

Where do you start?

Call Kennedy Landscapes today! We would be delighted to discuss your plans for your garden patio and to provide a free quotation.

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Together, your vision and our design skills will deliver the perfect patio!

Outstanding workmanship, Scott and his team have done an excellent job of the entire project and we look foward to enjoying the garden for years to come. Many Thanks....Paddy


Scott and his team were excellent. They came up with a solution to stop our garden eroding. It was a big project that involved construction and landscaping.

Kirsty O’Donnell

Scott Kennedy and team have transformed our space into a garden that suits my needs and I am very pleased with my new easy-care garden, completed professionally and with excellent service.

Priscilla Backhouse

What can I say about Scott and his team we had artificial grass down on the back garden they work really hard and I must say it looks very good very pleased I would definitely use them again

Peter Williamson

Scott and his team completely transformed our garden from an unusable space to an oasis.

Helena Riste

Scott and his guys transformed the entrance to my house. Installed a bespoke pathway and were helpful and friendly all the time. I would highly recommend their services. Real quality

Dan Small

So pleased with my garden which was designed and landscaped by Kennedy Landscapes & Gardens. Scott and team worked through the worst of the weather, always professional and leaving everything tidy at the end of the day and at the end of the job.

Liz Ansloos

Scott and his team completely transformed my garden, they were very professional and arrived on time each day. They were always so polite and cheerful, I would absolutely recommend them, they did an excellent job.

Jackie Brooman