Decking has always been an outstanding addition to any outside space and has risen significantly in popularity over recent decades. Affordable, aesthetically pleasing and versatile, decking can be used in a variety of ways to enhance both your garden and your lifestyle.

At Kennedy Landscapes, we specialise in decking installation and can give you stunning results whether you choose softwood decking, hardwood decking or maintenance-free composite decking. From decking design to the completion of your garden decking installation, our impressive team of decking installers will deliver the stylish results you are looking for. We can help you to choose the materials and garden design best suited to your space, usage and budget. Naturally, we will ensure that your deck installation works well for you and becomes a special feature of your outside space.

What are the benefits of garden decking?

Both timber decking and composite decking offer many benefits that are well worth considering when planning your outside space:

    • Affordable – decking is a relatively inexpensive option that enables you to effect a transformation of your garden patios without breaking the bank.
    • Hassle-free – deck installation usually requires minimal or no groundwork and can be completed quickly to minimise disruption.
    • Versatile – incredibly versatile, decking can be installed around ponds, pools and other water features. Decks also give you the ideal outdoor dining and entertainment space.
    • Aesthetically pleasing – you can choose from a variety of materials and looks but all will create a visually appealing feature for your property.
    • Makes the most of sloping land – if your garden is sloping or has awkward, sloped areas, elevated or split level decks are excellent solutions that could enable you to utilise space that would otherwise be redundant.
    • Combat allergies – an artificial lawn could be a major boon for any hay fever sufferers in your family.
    • Working away and holidays – it’s difficult to maintain a natural lawn if you frequently work away from home or travel regulalry. You can guarantee that you always return to a pristine lawn when you choose artificial grass.
    • Low-maintenance – if your busy life means finding the time to look after your outside space is difficult, garden designs with decking will help. Timber decking requires occasional maintenance while composite decking requires almost no maintenance at all.
    • Give you space to relax and entertain – in recent times we have all been rediscovering the true value of outside space. A stylish deck installation will provide the perfect place to relax in the sunshine, to dine and to entertain guests.
    • Adds value – decking will enhance the curb appeal of your property and could also improve its value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Softwood decking

Softwood decking features timber from fast growing, coniferous trees such as spruce and pine. The timber must be well-treated before use to prevent damage from fungal diseases and insects.  Softwood boards are easy to work with and affordable. This type of decking is a sustainable choice as the trees are fast-growing and will last for many years. However, softwood is weaker than hardwood and must be treated regularly to maintain its look.

Hardwood decking

Hardwood decking, though pricier than softwood, offers exceptional value due to its composition of timber sourced from slow-growing trees like ash and oak. The intricate processing and installation of hardwood make it a challenging choice, but its remarkable durability makes it worthwhile. With proper maintenance, hardwood decking can endure for up to 50 years. Notably resistant to rot, splitting, warping, and fire, it outperforms softwood boards in every aspect.

Composite decking

It is certainly worth considering composite decking. Made from recycled wood, HDPE plastic (usually recycled) and additives, it is an incredibly durable material that won’t rot, splinter, warp or host algae. It isn’t slippery when wet and composite decking will last much longer than timber decking. It is weather resistant and requires no maintenance other than the occasional clean. Available in a variety of colours, composite decking complements busy lifestyles.

Decking installers near me

If you are looking for a decking installer, it is important to choose one that boasts both extensive experience and the expertise required to tackle any project. At Kennedy Landscapes, our team can lend considerable expertise to your project and has extensive experience of working with composite materials, softwood and hardwood. From helping you evolve the ideal decking designs to completing their installation, we will ensure that your decking becomes the highlight of your outside space. See also Driveway Installation.

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Outstanding workmanship, Scott and his team have done an excellent job of the entire project and we look foward to enjoying the garden for years to come. Many Thanks....Paddy


Scott and his team were excellent. They came up with a solution to stop our garden eroding. It was a big project that involved construction and landscaping.

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Scott Kennedy and team have transformed our space into a garden that suits my needs and I am very pleased with my new easy-care garden, completed professionally and with excellent service.

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What can I say about Scott and his team we had artificial grass down on the back garden they work really hard and I must say it looks very good very pleased I would definitely use them again

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Scott and his team completely transformed our garden from an unusable space to an oasis.

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Scott and his guys transformed the entrance to my house. Installed a bespoke pathway and were helpful and friendly all the time. I would highly recommend their services. Real quality

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So pleased with my garden which was designed and landscaped by Kennedy Landscapes & Gardens. Scott and team worked through the worst of the weather, always professional and leaving everything tidy at the end of the day and at the end of the job.

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Scott and his team completely transformed my garden, they were very professional and arrived on time each day. They were always so polite and cheerful, I would absolutely recommend them, they did an excellent job.

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