Sandstone Patio

A Natural Lawn & Sandstone Patio Transforms This Small Garden!

The fresh lawn with oak sleeper flower beds opens up huge potential for this small space.

This garden was looking a little worn down and in need of a bit of TLC!


The family wanted to bring the split-level space all together to create one larger space for their young daughter to enjoy.

The existing patio adjacent to the property was just fine as it was, but the sunspot was at the other end of the garden, so we installed a brand-new sandstone patio with granite edging which is ideal for some garden furniture!

The solid oak sleepers give some nice planting space without taking up too much space within the garden or demanding too much maintenance and the fresh lawn finished the project brilliantly to add some vibrancy to the space which is now ready for the whole family to enjoy in the summer months!

Design. Transform. Enjoy

The Result

The new lawn with oak sleeper flower beds around the edges adds some much-needed colour to help make the space much easier on the eye and the customers are now looking forward to spending more time in their new garden and patio which will allow them to take full advantage of the sun!

Value Statement

Many landscapers don't possess the skills to achieve the standards that we insist upon. We are dedicated to delivering professional service and impressive results and will never compromise on the quality of the materials that we use or the time that we spend to complete your project.

A fabulous garden will enhance the value of your property and provide many years of enjoyment, making it an incredible investment, so it simply doesn’t make sense to cut corners.

We may not provide the lowest estimate that you will receive, but we promise that our work will represent the best value that you will find anywhere and the results will speak for themselves!

From Design & Planting, a new Patio or Pond, or just some simple Garden Maintenance, we can take care of any project from start to finish!

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What can I say about Scott and his team we had artificial grass down on the back garden they work really hard and I must say it looks very good very pleased I would definitely use them again

Peter Williamson

Design. Transform. Enjoy