Lawns and Artificial Grass

Lawns and Artificial Grass

A beautiful lawn is the crowning glory of any garden, creating a vibrant feel and injecting rich colour into your outside space. We can lay the perfect lawn which will provide a stunning centrepiece for your garden. Your
enjoyment of the garden will be enhanced by your lawn as will the curb appeal of your property while your
children will always have somewhere safe to play.

The shape of things to come

If you thought that lawns were simply rectangles of grass, it’s time to think again. Rectangular lawns are ideal for recreational purposes, but a shapely lawn lends interest and elegance to your garden. We can design an outside space featuring an oval, circular or free-from lawn with the flowing lines that feel relaxing.  A free-flowing lawn draws the eye into the garden and can create the illusion of greater space. There’s always a sense of mystery too, which will imbue your garden with a special quality.

The benefits of a natural lawn

Your wonderful lawn will certainly look amazing but there are benefits beyond the aesthetics that you may not be aware of. Before you pave your entire garden for easier maintenance, consider that a lawn will clean the air and absorb Co2.  Grass also traps dust to purify the air and so helps to keep cars and windows cleaner.

Better still, a lawn will capture rainwater runoff to reduce the incidence of flooding and will ensure that the soil structure remains open, making it easier for water to soak into the ground. Did you know that lawns also reduce noise pollution by absorbing sound? Lawns excite the senses and provide a low-impact surface on which children can safely play.

Artificial grass

There are certainly many benefits to a natural lawn, but we understand that there may be compelling reasons why grass won’t work for you. If you are challenged for time, you may not welcome having to maintain your lawn. Then there’s your pets and children who can quickly ruin your gorgeous grass and march mud through your home. Artificial grass is an amazing alternative for your garden, if a natural lawn just won’t do.

Premium artificial grass now looks so incredibly natural, you would swear that it’s the real thing! It is also safe,
durable and almost maintenance-free. There will be no mowing, no weeding and no watering. You will enjoy a stunning outside space all year round without having to lift a finger!

Don’t let the grass grow under your feet

Remember, we will create your dream garden but also one which suits your lifestyle. Your ideal outside space may have a striking natural lawn at its heart but could also feature wonderfully realistic artificial grass. The choice is yours and whatever is on your wish list, we will always endeavour to exceed your expectations.

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