Creating a pleasing ambiance while enhancing the aesthetics of your garden, water features are fabulous additions to any outside spaces. Nothing compares to the soothing sound of running water. But ponds are not the best choices for many households. Ponds require significant maintenance and can be hazardous for small children. Happily, it is possible to enjoy the sound and beauty of running water without building a pond. Pond-less water features offer many benefits and can be tailored to your garden, your budget and your taste. What is a pond-less water feature? Also known as disappearing ponds, pond-less water features circulate water between concealed reservoirs and waterfalls or fountains.

The features are designed so that water flows through a stone base and disappears before being recirculated.. Pond-less water features may take a variety of forms from small and simple fountains to dramatic series of waterfalls. It is possible to incorporate pond-less features in even the smallest spaces and to enjoy the sound of running water without spending the earth.
What types of pond-less water feature could you choose? Domestic gardens vary dramatically in size, shape and topography. Each will present its own challenges. But there are several types of pond-less water feature, ensuring that there’s a great option for every space and budget:

  • Fountain – the most common pond-less water feature that can be diminutive in size or more
    dramatic. Fountains require minimal space and be positioned almost anywhere including on
  •  Rain curtains and water walls – vertical structures down which water flows. Water walls
    incorporating smooth materials such as glass or polished stone are elegant additions to
    contemporary gardens.
  • Pebble pools – boast a natural look that would suit most properties. They feature decorative
    stones over which water flows and can be of any size or shape.
  • Bubbling rocks – large rocks with holes in them through which water is pumped. Water flows
    down the rocks and falls into the hidden reservoir to be recirculated.
  • Waterfalls – pumped water falls and then disappears into a wall of rock or gravel bed before
    dropping into the concealed reservoir. Using the topography of the land or by building up
    the land, a series of waterfalls can be created.
  • Geysers – similar to waterfalls but the water shoots up instead of flowing down.


What are the benefits of pond-less water features?

Where do we start? With running water presenting many opportunities and delivering significant
benefits, it’s hard to think of a good reason not to invest in a pond-less water feature! Here’s how
your pond-less feature could work well for you:

  1. Pond-less water features require minimal maintenance when compared to ponds, lawns and
    flower beds. Simply top up the reservoir occasionally to replace evaporated water.
  2.  Water features give gardens beautiful focal points. Every garden should draw the eye through and around the space. Your pond-less feature will be a special highlight of your garden and will lend movement to the space.
  3. You can eliminate the danger of children or elderly adults falling into standing water by creating a pond-less feature.
  4. You can enjoy the sound of running water every day. Running water engenders a sense of calm and relaxation.
  5. Running water can be used to mask less appealing sounds such as traffic noise.
  6. Pond-less water features are great options in smaller gardens that could not accommodate a pond.
  7. You can conserve water with a pond-less feature as the water is constantly recycled whereas ponds may require emptying and refilling.
  8. Pond-less features can require smaller pumps and filtration systems than ponds and so may use less energy.
  9. Pond-less water features are fully customizable choices.


They can be located almost anywhere and be of any size. Better still, your feature can boast the elements and look that best complement your property. The features enable you to use flow patterns, colour and shape to create a unique addition to your garden. Are there any downsides to pond-less water features? The only significant downside we should mention is that pond-less water features provide limited habitat for wildlife. If helping and viewing wildlife are your priorities, then a pond-less creation may not be the right option.

However, a pond-less feature would not prevent you from adding further features to your garden that do promote biodiversity. An impressive pond-less water feature in Horsham A recent project in Horsham saw the Kennedy Landscapes team transform a suburban garden. We designed and built a stunning pond-less water feature boasting no less than five waterfalls. The installation replaced an uninspired and labour intensive border. It amply demonstrates the amazing possibilities presented by water features and how a modest, rectangular garden can become a unique outside space.


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