This family in Haywards Heath get their garden back thanks to a Stepoc retaining wall & new fencing!

Stepoc Retaining Wall

After some heavy storms one night, this family in Haywards Heath woke up to find half of their garden had disappeared into a neighbouring property and decided to call us in to install a Stepoc retaining wall!

Back Garden
Back Garden

The ground in their garden had given way, bringing down the fencing and trees that it supported. The same had also happened to the neighbour's garden!

After a meeting with a structural engineer, soil samples were taken to the lab, the customers made the decision to rebuild.

The task ahead was a challenging one considering it wasn't safe to operate any plant meaning that the whole project, starting with the dig-out, had to be done by hand!

After many weeks and a mountain of earth piled up in the back garden, it was time to build the massive reinforced Stepoc retaining wall!

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The Result

The final result was fantastic and we even installed some new ranch fencing which was constructed around the new wall. Our team worked very hard on the huge task that this project had set us, but the results speak for themselves and the customer was delighted to have their garden back!

Value Statement

Many landscapers don't possess the skills to achieve the standards that we insist upon. We are dedicated to delivering professional service and impressive results and will never compromise on the quality of the materials that we use or the time that we spend to complete your project.

A fabulous garden will enhance the value of your property and provide many years of enjoyment, making it an incredible investment, so it simply doesn’t make sense to cut corners.

We may not provide the lowest estimate that you will receive, but we promise that our work will represent the best value that you will find anywhere and the results will speak for themselves!

From Design & Planting, a new Patio or Pond, or just some simple Garden Maintenance, we can take care of any project from start to finish!

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What can I say about Scott and his team we had artificial grass down on the back garden they work really hard and I must say it looks very good very pleased I would definitely use them again

Peter Williamson

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