The steep bank with traditional grass was proving difficult to maintain in a back garden in Haywards Heath



This project was done in two stages, the first was the steep bank which was covered with traditional grass. The customer was
finding the area very difficult to maintain and potentially
dangerous to mow.

The answer was artifical grass, it proved to be a challenging project due to the steepness of the slope. The area was constructed using a concrete hauch around the perimeter with 100mm type 1 base finished with sharp sand.

The second stage was the area at the bottom of the grass. One particular area was very soft and was thought to have a spring
running underneath explaining why it was so water logged.
After digging a trial hole it was decided the best way to solve the problem was to construct a solid edge all the way round and fill the area with about 200mm type 1 hardcore that we compacted to form a solid base. A geotextile membrane was then placed under a layer of plumb slate chipping.

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The Result

The result was perfect, in that it turned a difficult to manage area into a maintenance free area that looks great all year round.

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